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Q. Can an S Pass holder apply to be a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)?   
Q. Can I choose my preferred delivery date or time?   
Q. How do I return the Work Permit card after the Work Permit has been cancelled?   
Q. How can I check the status of my S Pass application online?   
Q. What is "Annual Wage Supplement" (AWS)?   
Q. Can a Dependant's Pass holder work in Singapore?   
Q. Can the pass holder travel in and out of Singapore if he/she has not received the card?   
Q. How can I apply for Work Permit for Foreign Worker?   
Q. Can any person receive the work pass card from the delivery personnel (Certis CISCO)?   
Q. I have been waiting for the delivery personnel but nobody showed up. What should I do?   
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Q. Can an employer withhold the last month’s salary of an employee who left employment without a proper handover?   
Q. If an employee has served an employer for less than 12 continuous months, is the employee entitled to a pro-rated Annual Wage Supplement (AWS) or 13th month payment? For example, an employee who has newly joined or resigned, and therefore did not work the full year?   
Q. Can an S Pass holder apply to be a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)?   
Q. An employee has tendered resignation and is serving 1 month's notice according to the terms in their employment contract. Can the employer inform the employee not to serve the notice, and ask the employee to leave employment immediately?   
Q. How do I apply for a S Pass?   
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